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Television shows are segments of contents aired on televisions. They can be a one-off broadcast, or a part of a recurring television series. TV series are intended to be aired in several episodes.

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What happens in the last episode of Friends?

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The last episode of Friends is actually two episodes called The Last One Part 1 and Part 2. Erica is taken to hospital where she gives birth to twins (much to Monica and Chandler's surprise). Monica and Chandler name the baby girl Erica, after the birth-mother, and the boy Jack, after Monica and Ross' father. Ross and Rachel have spent the night together - i.e. had sex - and Ross particularly found it amazing. He wants Rachel to stay, but she says it was 'the perfect way to say goodbye' and is still planning on moving to Paris. Because Monica and Chandler will be moving in a few days, Joey has got them a housewarming present - Chick Junior and Duck Junior. Ross continues to debate over whether he should tell Rachel how he feels about her and how much he wants her to stay - Phoebe encourages him to tell her, but he says she'll just say no. Monica and Chandler bring the twins home and introduce them, but Rachel has to leave immediately afterwards to catch her flight. When she's left, Ross talks to Joey and Phoebe, finally deciding he has to stop Rachel to tell her how he feels. Phoebe drives him in her cab. They turn up at the airport, but it's the wrong one - they're at JFK, whereas Rachel is at Newark airport. Joey and Chandler find that the chick and duckling have gotten inside the Foosball table, and with help from Monica they break it open to rescue the birds - the table is essentially dead. Phoebe is driving Ross to Newark airport at (literally) break-neck speed. She phones Rachel, who has boarded the plane, and tells her that something is wrong with the left flange on the plane. Rachel doesn't believe her, but a fellow passenger overhears, panics, and there is a mass exodus where everyone disembarks. Chandler tells Joey to keep the chick and duckling with him, apparently because he and Monica will have too much to do with the babies, but actually because Monica doesn't want the birds. At Newark airport, they catch Rachel getting back on the plane. Ross asks her to stay but she says she can't. He leaves heartbroken and goes home alone. At home he finds a message from Rachel on the answering machine. She's apologising and realising that she loves him, that she needs to get off the plane. An argument about whether she can disembark is heard when the message is suddenly cut off. Ross yells 'Did she get off the plane? Did she get off the plane?' 'I got off the plane,' comes a voice from behind and Rachel is in the doorway of his flat. They kiss. Finally, the six friends are standing in Monica and Chandler's empty apartment. They reminisce briefly about the fact that all of them (barring Ross) have lived there at some point, and Chandler tells the babies that it was a happy place. All six of them leave their keys to the flat on the counter top, then Rachel asks if there's time to get some coffee before Chandler and Monica leave for their new house. Chandler says 'Sure. Where?' The camera pans across the empty flat one last time from right to left, fading out over the keyhole of the door.
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When will the fourth season of H2O Just Add Water air?

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There is no season 4 however, there was a spinoff series called Mako Mermaids. The three seasons of H2O & the three seasons of Mako Mermaids are currently (August 2015) streaming on Netflix.
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How does season 2 of the colony end?

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They arrive at the fish house and discover a group of marauders waiting for them. Dramatic music and the show ends.
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Most watched tv show in the world?

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Top Gear has approximately 350 million viewers worldwide, making it the most watched TV Show in the world.
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Is there going to be a bride wars 2?

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there might be a bride wars 2 but maybe new characters if there is.
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Who shot J.R.?

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His sister-in-law, Kristin Shepard played by Mary Crosby,was the culprit in the famous "Who Shot J.R." mystery. Sheclaimed to be pregnant with JR's baby at the time of the shooting, so he didn't press charges against her. Several seasons later, Sue Ellen shot him as well.
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Where can you watch Nikita season 1 episode 9?

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Though it is possibly shown on TV it would depend on where in the world you are as to which channel and at what time it may be shown. You would need to check broadcasts in your location.
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How can you get role in tv serial?

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1. Ace and audition, get a call back and ace that as well. You might be sent in to read for the role by your agent or by the casting director who has seen you for other roles and thinks you're just swell 2. Be discovered selling pies at some farm and have that certain unexplainable charm 3. Be born lucky and grow up celebish 4. Or be in to getting pounded by a nebbish.
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Was Glee cancelled?

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No, Glee isn't cancelled.
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Is mad tv on demand?

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it is on mine. but that might be because i have a special one
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Does Scott Tweedie Prank Patrol have a girlfriend?

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yes, and its me! so please viewers get another man coz this ones mine ;)
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What happened after the end of the colony TV show?

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Sept 28 at 11:17pm Colonist Sally: The game ended for us shortly after we found the house to be occupied. It was day 50 and it was just kinda over. Or ovah as I would say
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When is auction hunters coming back on?

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Friday da 13th! Jk just saying how should we know?
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How do you turn off closed caption on a DVD?

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Go to menu and you should find a item for settings or starting up. It should be in one of those.