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the heavier the bb, the less distance it will travel, but the more accurate it will be. Also, the only time temperature can affect a shot is if you are using a gas gun, because the temperature affects the pressure of the gas and the fps of the shot

Temperature also affect hop-up rubbers, so travel distance of bullet will be lower, when it's cold. Basically, at +20C bullet fly twice as far, then at -20C. When temperatere below 0C, most gas gun not capable of shooting.

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Q: Does the temp and weight affect the speed and distance of an airsoft pellet?
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How much does one airsoft pellet weigh?

Standard weight is .2g. Cheap guns often work best with .12g, while people tend to use heavier bb's such as .23g with high end guns for accuracy. Snipers will sometimes use up to .4g bb's, but usually stick to between .25g and .3g bb's. Heavier bb's result in greater accuracy, but cause a decrease in muzzle velocity.

How far does a 225 fps airsoft gun shoot?

A 225 fps airsoft gun typically has an effective range of around 50-100 feet, but the accuracy and distance can vary depending on factors like wind, hop-up adjustment, and pellet weight. It is recommended for close to mid-range engagements.

How far does a pellet gun shoot?

The distance that a pellet gun can shoot is determined by the power source that the gun has. Some will shoot a few hundred feet while others with more power will shoot several hundred yards. The weight of the pellet also has an effect on the distance that it travels.

How far can the gamo varmint hunter shoot?

The shape, weight and size of the pellet all effect the ballistics of the shot. Each of these factors plus outside temperature and wind effect the distance the pellet travels. Therefore there is no set distance. Remember, after the high point of the pellet shot curve the pellet begins to loose its momentum and penetration.

What is the affect of weight on distance paper rockets travel?

it is the gravity affects the weight

Will a milk jug hold up against a 300 fps airsoft gun?

If its empty no. And it depends on your firing distance and the weight of your BB you are firing. Email me at if you have anymore questions about airsoft or real guns and their ammunitions.

Can a 177 1200 fps pellet gun kill a fox?

With the right pellet you you can, But it should be a hunting Pellet (Hollow-point) and it should be a heavy pellet not a light weight pellet with at least 900 to1000 FPS.

What Is the Maximum Range Of Walther Dominator 1250 Air Rifle?

Manufactures don't list the range of their rifle. It would be nice if they did but they don't. This is because pellets come in different weights. A light weight pellet will travel farther than a heavy pellet but it will be less accurate than a heavy pellet because it more effected by crosswind. A heavy pellet will fly straighter and have more knockdown impact than a lightweight pellet, but won't fly as far as a light weight pellet. Because the Dominator is a PCP class rifle it obviously has more force than a regular air rifle and you can expect a little more distance at full power. Several PCP class air rifles have a power dial and his also effects the distance.

What is the weight of the Well L96 airsoft gun?


Does the weight of a bat affect hitting distance?

Yes, the weight of a bat can affect hitting distance. Heavier bats can generate more power and distance but may sacrifice speed, while lighter bats offer more control and faster swing speed, which can impact hitting distance as well. It ultimately depends on the player's preference and abilities.

What is the impact force of an airsoft bb traveling at 450fps?

Without the weight of the airsoft BB, it is impossible to answer this question as Force is affected by the mass of the projectile.

What size ammo does the P90 airsoft gun take?

airsoft uses 6mm bbs. Perhaps you are talking about weight? .20 gram is good.