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Q: Does Microsoft primarily use mass marketing or relationship marketing?
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How do mass marketing relationship marketing and stakeholder marketing differ?

I believe Stake Holder refers more to Business to Business, because stakeholders are anyone that is involved in a business from Venders, Employees, Managements, Customers, even the government. (Mass Marketing and Relationship marketing are the easy bits, its the stakeholder is the harder one.)

What is a benefit of relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing allows manufacturers to mass-customize offerings and to reduce fixed costs associated with production and distribution. Retailers and wholesalers make better-informed merchandising decisions.

When a company grows globally this is an example of mass marketing?

E: Mass Marketing

What are examples of mass marketing?

project marketing

What is mass marketing?

Mass marketing is the practice of marketing without regard to other markets exposed to the marketing. Instead of marketing to one particular segment the company advertises to the market as a whole. Mass marketing is effective for branding campaigns and have an ability to reach more people although costs can be prohibitive.

How are goods and services marketed?

Through Marketing and mass marketing

Why the relationship element and the element's mass is a straight line?

The relationship between an element's mass and its atomic number is linear because the mass of an atom is primarily determined by the number of protons and neutrons it contains. As the atomic number increases, so does the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus, leading to a proportional increase in mass. This linear relationship is a result of the fundamental structure of atoms and the way in which they are composed.

How is marketing approached in the mass-marketing method?

In the mass-marketing approach, businesses look at the total market as though all of its parts were the same and market accordingly

What recent developments favor mass-marketing of products?

In addition, the Internet provides a new medium for mass-marketing initiatives, and newly opened international markets offer a possible arena for mass-marketing opportunities.

What is company that specialized in mass marketing services?

One of the most popular companies which specializes in mass marketing services is Mass Marketing Services, Inc. in San Francisco, California. You can contact them through their website

What is the relationship between acceleration and mass?

well the relationship between mass and force is..........*relationship... Force=mass x acceleration

Discuss the shift from mass marketing to mass customization?

Philip Kotler, (1989) "From mass marketing to mass customization", Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 17 Iss: 5, pp.10 - 47