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There are four main ways to do it.

#1 Press the eject icon on the top right of your computer

#2 Drag it to the trash on your dock the trash will turn to an eject key

#3 Right click it by pressing the control key and click on the disk on your desktop

#4 if all fails call the apple company and they will walk you through it

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Q: Removing a disc from the mac computer?
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Why isn't the Mac accepting the disc?

If a Mac computer is not accepting a disc, check the disc for surface scratches. Superficial scratches can compromise the disc and result in errors. You will also want to be sure that the disc is compatible with Mac computers.

Will the action replay dsi disc work on mac?

No, sorry. Apple computer does not support mini disc. There is no drivers that will support mac.

What happens if you put a disc for PC in a Mac computer?

A CD/DVD disc: It will depend what is on the disc. If there are files (Text, Video, Audio etc.) that the Mac can read then you can open them on the Mac. A hard disc: It will depend how the disc is formatted. Some will work. Some will be read only. Some will need reformatting to a Mac friendly format with Disk Utility.

Does the mac book air have a place to insert a disc?

The MacBook Air does not have any disc drives. If you need access to a disc the you use the disc sharing feature of Mac OS X so the MacBook Air can read the disc in another computer connected to the same network.

Where is the disc drive on mac?

A Mac's slot loading CD drive is usually located on the right hand side of the computer but it will depend upon the actual Mac model.

Can I burn a Mc Caffie disc from another computer and use it on my Mac?

I would try it and see.

What information stays on a computer after removing the harddrive?

None, unless you leave a disc in the cdrom drive.

Can you copy the sims from the mac computer to a mac laptop?

You have to insert the disc into the new computer and it should work. Sadly you will not be able to continue with what you already have on the new computer. Personally I like to start over the whole game.

If you buy a used Mac Pro how do you wipe clean and start fresh?

The seller of the Mac should have wiped all their content and personal details from the hard disc and supply you with a clean system. If this has not happened they should have supplied the Mac OS X installation discs with the computer. Inserting the disc and holding down the C key as the computer restarts will start up the computer from the installation disc which will offer you the option to do a clean install of the system.

What is disc space?

Disc space is the amount of computer storage space on random-access memory devices, such as on a hard drive, floppy or USB flash drive. Free up disc space by running a disc clean-up, removing unused applications, and removing duplicate files.

How do you install sims 2 on Mac?

You need the Mac Sims 2 game, and then when you put into your computer, a little sims 2 disc will pop up. click on it. Then drag the Sims 2 app to your hard drive, and it will begin to install. Be sure you have the MAC disc or it will not work!

Will the spore disc work on Mac?

If it is the Mac version of Spore and the Mac has an Intel processor (1.7GHz Core 2 Duo or higher) then the disc will work. If it is a Windows disc then it will not work unless the Mac is running Windows.