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Q: What cell carrier does jitterbug use?
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Can you get a cell phone with no texting and no camera?

The Jitterbug.

Is the Jitterbug phone a good phone?

Jitterbug is a model of cellular telephone focusing on simplicity and ease of use. It is aimed at senior citizens, the disabled, and those who find that they just want a simple cell phone, without additional apps or functions they may not use. It is produced and provided by GreatCall.

What are some jitterbug cell phone reviews?

The Jitterbug is an award winning cell phone for seniors that helps keep you connected, safe, and healthy. It is as simple as using a cell phone with large keys.

How much does it cost to get a jitterbug cell phone?


Where can one purchase Jitterbug cell phones for seniors?

Jitterbug phones are pretty out of date, but they can still be purchased on select dealerships and stores. Verizon supplies Jitterbug phones, but the phones can be better purchased a website called "Great Call". This website exclusively sell Jitterbug phones along with other out of date phones.

Are cell phone plans usable with any cell phone?

No. Each carrier has allowed cell phones for their carrier. If you have a GSM carrier though, you can buy an unlocked phone to use on that carrier even if the carrier doesn't support the phone. All you do is move your sim card.

Use of a carrier and energy from a cell to transport materials through the cell?


How can you find more information about the Jitterbug cell phone?

One can read comprehensive reviews by checking out the Jitterbug website. Greatcall, Amazon, ENGadget and CNET all offer complete Jitterbug reviews as well.

What does a cell use during facilitated diffusion to help get substances in or out of the cell?

carrier protein

What is The use of a carrier and energy from a cell to transport materials through the cell?

special edd

What is a Red cell carrier?

What is a red cell carrier

Who sings the song in the Jitterbug cell phone commercial?

Originally George Michael