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Theodore Roosevelt had a ranch named Elk Horn near Medora, North Dakota.

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Q: Did any president lived in North Dakota?
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What president was North Dakota named after?

North Dakota was not named for any president. North Dakota was named for the Dakota tribe of Native Americans that lived in the area.

Where there any presidents that were born in North Dakota?

No U.S. President was born in North Dakota.

Were any US presidents born in North Dakota?

No US presidents were born in North Dakota although Teddy Roosevelt lived in and owned property in North Dakota.

How many U.S. Presidents were born in ND?

No United States presidents have been born in South Dakota to October 2011.

What are the 2 countries in North Dakota that borders on South Dakota?

North Dakota is a state and does not contain any countries.

What is the largest country in North Dakota?

North Dakota is a US State and does not contain any countries.

Does North Dakota have any peaks?

Yes, North Dakota has 294 peaks. White Butte is the highest point in North Dakota at 3,506 feet/1,069 meters.

What country was first claimed by North Dakota?

Since North Dakota is a US state, it has not claimed any countries.

What longitude line runs through North Dakota?

North Dakota occupies the range of longitudes between roughly 96.56° and 104.04° West. Any 'line' drawn at any longitude within that range crosses territory in North Dakota.

Do any states touch North Dakota?

Yes; Montana, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

Which state is closest to the North Pole - North Dakota or Maine?

North Dakota, because the furthest north edge of North Dakota is 49 degrees, which is well north of any part of Maine. The south edge of North Dakota is 45 degrees 56 minutes, while the northern tip of Maine is 47 degrees 28 minutes.

What nation shares a border with North Dakota?

North Dakota shares a border with Canada. Both the Canadian Provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba share borders with North Dakota.