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Q: How did the war in north Africa and Italy progress?
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Lovat scouts in North Africa World War 11?

Yes, My father was a Lovat Scout and served in the mountains of Italy and in North Africa

Where did the second Punic war occur?

Throughout Italy, Western Spain and North Africa

What were the major events influencing the fighting in Europe and North Africa?

1939 --- The war begins as Poland falls to Germany. 1940 --- France, Holland, Belgium, Norway, and Denmark fall to Germany. Italy enters the war on the Axis side, attacks Great Britain in North Africa, and invades Greece. German invasion of Great Britain is planned but never occurs. 1941 --- In North Africa, Great Britain pushes Italy back. Germany invades Russia and reinforces Italy in North Africa. Japan enters the war on the Axis side, and the US enters the war on the Allied side. 1942 --- War seesaws in North Africa. Italy reinforces Germany in Russia. Toward the end of the year the war in Russia and North Africa turn against the Axis, and the US invades North Africa. 1943 --- Germany and Italy are expelled from North Africa. Italy surrenders to Allies and is occupied by Germany as the Allies invade. The war continues in Russia as Germany is pushed back. 1944 --- Germany holds the Allies in Italy, but Russia continues to push Germany back. The US, Great Britain, and Canada invade France. 1945 --- Germany surrenders to the Allies.

What country expanded into North Africa in World War 2?

Italy it occupied Ethiopia and i think Libia too

In what location did new zealand troops fight in the war with eangland against Germany?

Greece, North Africa and Italy.

What were Italy's goals in North Africa World War 2?

you're in rowland's class aren't you?

When United Kingdom declared war on Germany in what locations did New Zealand troops fight?

North Africa Italy

What are one of the battles of world war 2?

North Africa Sicily Italy Normandy, France Battle of Buldge Germany

Who US fight in World War 2?

Germany Italy, Japan, and Vichy France in North Africa in Nov 1942.

Where did the US first fight upon entering World War 2?

It fought in two theaters of war: in the Pacific, against Japan, and in north Africa and continental Europe (mostly Italy, France and Germany) against Nazi Germany. North Africa was its first theater of war.

What did Scipio want to do in the Second Punic War?

Force Hannibal to return to Carthage from Italy by attacking the city of Carthage in North Africa

What happened in th seconed punic war?

Carthage invaded Italy. Rome invaded North Africa. Rome and its allies defeated Carthage.