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The tasmanian tiger went extinct in tasmania in 1986

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the Tasmanian tiger, which i think was a actually a canine with stripes.

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Tasmanian Tiger

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Q: What is the name of the extinct animal from Tasmania called?
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What is the name of the endangered Animal from Tasmania?

the Tasmanian Devil

Are they extinct?

There are lots of animal that are extinct, but can you be more specific? Like a name?

What did Abel Tasman give to Tasmania?

His name. Tasmania was called Van Diemen's Land from 1642-1855. Name was changed to Tasmania for Abel Tasman who discovered it in 1642.

What is the name of the ferry that runs between Victoria and Tasmania and what Tasmanian city does it sail to?

The ferry that runs between Victoria and Tasmania is called the Spirit of Tasmania. It docks at Devonport in Tasmania.

What animal has the same name as a state in Australia?

No animal has exactly the same name as one of Australia's states. However, the Tasmanian Devil is found in Tasmania.

What is 'Van Diemen's Land' name today?

Van Diemen's Land is now called Tasmania. It is one of the states of Australia.

What is the common name for the giant extinct shark?

The giant extinct shark is called a 'Megalodon'.

Can you name 2 animal which had extincis?

Thylacine and Dodo. If you mean "Extincis" to be "extinct."

What is name of the food act in Tasmania?

It's called the "Tasmanian Food Act 2003".

What was Tasmania's name?

Tasmania's name comes from Dutch sea explorer Abel Tasman, who was the first European explorer to discover it in 1642. However, Tasman originally called it Van Diemen's Land.

Why is snug called snug in Tasmania?

The town of Snug in Tasmania derives its name from its location in a sheltered and secluded ("snug") inlet. Thus says its Tourist Board.

What is the name of the country that Tasmania is in?

Tasmania is a state in Australia.