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This is a hard question. Israel was previously controlled by the colonial powers. During the second world war, there was a move towards releasing the colonies form under the yoke of their previous owners. This occurred particularly in the case of the German Colonies which were forfeited after the war. Israel was controlled, along with a lot of the middle east, by the British. They were letting go of many of their colonies, including India, South Africa, and Rhodesia at around this time.

Here is where it becomes more complex and an understanding of European and Jewish history becomes important. During the many centuries previous to the 20th Century the Jews were persecuted by many of the European countries who held christian beliefs. Jews were forced into unpleasant occupations and occupations which Christians were not allowed to take (including the position of banker, hence the wealth associated with many Jewish families). However depending on the time during history there were many purges of the Jews, and the inquisition attempted to force them to convert. The Jews, naturally, fled from these issues and ended up in many different countries scattered across the earth. The Jews at this time, still an ethnic group, became known as the diaspora meaning scattered.

When Adolf Hitler came along and began the mass slaughter of the Jews, he was not doing something that was new, he was simply doing things which had been done for many centuries before hand, except he was doing it with German efficiency, and chemical weapons. At the end of the second world war, it became obvious that seeing as the Jews had been persecuted throughout the centuries, and they had had no place where they could call their own, that as colonialism was ending the logical thing to do would be to give them back the lands which they had had before they were scattered from israel at the end of the Roman Empire (c. 200-300).

As a result there was a resolution which gave the Jewish people Israel again, because that had been their homeland, and because the British wanted to get rid of their colonies.

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You can ask this about any place in the world which has changed hands between different political groups that endorsed different religions. Why is Turkey majority-Muslim when it used to be the center of the Orthodox Christian Church? Why is Burma majority-Buddhist when it used to be Hindu millenia ago? Why is South Korea predominantly Christian today when it used to be Buddhist and Shenist? The bottom line is that when countries on a map change and people either flee or convert to new faiths, the Demographics shift and societies change.

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Q: Why is Israel now a Jewish country when it was once Muslim?
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Answer 1After WWII and the Holocaust, peace treaties established that a Jewish nation would be established on the land the Jews had lived on for millenia (this is year 5763 on the Jewish calendar), so that there would be a Jewish homeland and the Jews would be able to go back "home" if God forbid another Holocaust occurred with attempts to "exterminate" the world's Jews. Arabs had also lived in areas of what is now Israel, and the Arabs that owned and lived on property within the borders were invited to become full citizens of the new, tiny, country. However, egged on by large surrounding Arab nations that didn't like the idea of a Jewish State, these landowners decided that they did not want to be part of a Jewish state, even though they would be perfectly free to practice their own religion and would be full citizens, and fled Israel. However, the same surrounding Arab countries did not actually wish to take these people into their own large countries - they knew that the only way to keep the displaced groups angry and upset would be for them not to have a homeland themselves. So these groups of former landowners, as well as poor Arabs who had not owned land to begin with, who fled the new country of Israel on their own accord, were not let into the large, surrounding Arab nations, and they had to be mad at someone - so they chose Israel. They did end up in a crappy position, but not because they couldn't have stayed and prospered in the new country of Israel, though most of the Arab population in the contentious areas has now been brainwashed to believe that it was Israel's fault that they left their land. Possibly ideally, a two-state solution would give the "Palestinians" their own country side by side with Israel, which has been proposed time and time again, but the Palestinians seem not to want "peace" - they want no Israel. When borders can be proposed that do not leave Israel with an inability to defend its own borders that it won in wars in which it was attacked, I believe that a two-state solution would be the best option to provide the Palestinians with a country to call their own, next to Israel, but they have to accept this, which would require them accepting Israel as a legitimate nation.Answer 2Jews and Arabs are fighting for the territory that once belonged to the British Mandate of Palestine. The Jews call this territory Israel and have established a country there. The Arabs call this territory Palestine and have attempted to establish a country in a minority of the land with limited success.