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The decision then remains what it was when appealed to the Supreme Court.

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Q: If the supreme court does not rule on an appeal case what is the result?
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How does a case on appeal reach a supreme court?

A case on appeal reaches the supreme court if the judges below them cant handle it or that case specifically but it is very hard to get a case on appeal in the supreme court

If the US Supreme Court denies your case is there another court to appeal to?

No. The US Supreme Court is the final court of appeal; if they deny your case, the decision of the lower court stands. There is no other avenue of appeal.

What does certiorari denied mean?

When an application (or appeal of some case in a lower court) to the Supreme Court is denied, it is called certiorari denied. In fact, it means that the Supreme Court refuses to accept the application or appeal and will not judge on it

What happens when the supreme court refuses to hear an appeal for a case?

When the Supreme Court refuses to hear an appeal for a case, it means that they have denied the request for review. This denial does not establish any legal binding or precedent, and the decision of the lower court stands. The denial by the Supreme Court does not provide an explanation or indicate agreement with the lower court's decision.

How does a case proceed form the trial courts to the supereme court?

The case is tried in a trial court - If the outcome is not satisfactory to one of the parties to the case, it may appealed to the Court of Appeals. The Appeals Court will review the case and IF THEY WISH TO ACCEPT IT for review, they will consider the case and render a decision on the question contained in the appeal. If that appeal is not satisfactory to one of the parties in the case, that ruling may be appealed, yet again, to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court chooses to accept the case, they, too, will hear the case and render a decision. The Supreme Court's decision is the final word and there is no higher appeal.

What is it called when the supreme court hears a case that has already been heard in court?


How does the cases reach the supreme court?

There are two ways a case can reach the Supreme Court.The first way is by far the most common: A case is first heard by a trial court. If one of the parties doesn't like the outcome, they appeal. The case is then heard by an appeals court, who has the power to overturn the decision of the trial court. The first appeal is a "gimme" - the appeals court hears everyone's appeal. If one of the parties STILL doesn't like the outcome, they can try to appeal again. The Supreme Court, however, does not have to accept every appeal. To appeal to the Supreme Court, you have to write a "petition for certiorari." If they accept your case, we say that the Supreme Court has "granted cert."The second way is very rare: the Constitution gives the supreme court "original" jurisdiction over a narrow class of cases (mostly cases between states or involving ambassadors.) This means that if a case is of that type, the Supreme Court can take it directly, without any trial court. The court almost never accepts a case this way.

Can there be an appeal from a federal court?

The highest court is the Supreme Court, but not all cases can be appealed to the Supreme Court; it depends what kind of legal issues are involved. Otherwise, the case can be appealed to a Federal Appeal Court. If you can afford the legal fees, of course.

If a case is dismissed by the supreme court does the lower court ruling stand?

Supreme Court does not dismiss cases. It will either affirm or reverse the lower court, or it will decline to grant the appeal.

What is marbury v. Madison?

The supreme court found that since it was a court of appeal and not the court to hear the case, this is judiciary act, unconstitutional.

What is asking a higher court to review a decision called?

The general term is appeal. If the appeal is directed to the US Supreme Court, it is more specifically referred to as a "petition for a writ of certiorari."

The lower court decision is final in case of appeal dismissal?

Not necessarily, there are mechanisms whereby it can still be appealed to the Supreme Court.