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Q: What happened to George Grant son of Ulysses Grant IV?
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Who was the son of a tanner grant or lee?

Ulysses S Grant

Who was Ulysses S. Grant's son?

He had 4 children: Jesse, Ulysses Jr, Nellie, and Frederick

How did the election of Ulysses S. Grant in 1868 change Reconstruction?

Ulysses S. Grant supported Radical Reconstruction. After his election, he had Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas readmitted into the Union and worked son ensure freed slaves had all of their rights.

Is george hill grant hill son?

No, they are not related at all.

Who were Ulysses s.grant's children?

Cary Grant's daughter Jennifer had a son that she named Cary.

Can I get a grant for a computer for my disabled son?

Can get a grant for a computer for my disabled son? Can I get a grant for a computer for my disabled son?

Who is Ulysses son?

His name was Telemachus.

Does Ulysses have kids?

The name of his son is Telemachus.

What does Ulysses feel about his son?

Ulysses feels proud of his son Telemachus for his bravery and loyalty. He also sees him as a worthy successor and is eager to pass on his wisdom and knowledge to him.

Who is Cary Grant's son?

Mr. Grant's only child was not a son but a daughter, Jennifer Grant, born 1966.

Whom does Ulysses address in the second half of the poem?

in the poem Ulysses, he addresses his son Telemachus.

Why did Duke of Edinburgh start?

Because George I wanted it to. He granted his grandson Friedrich the title in 1726, shortly before his death. George I seems not to have liked his son, George II, much, and since George II didn't much care for his own son Friedrich it's possible that George I made the grant at least partially to rub George II's face in it.