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Q: What impact did john Muir have had on California?
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Who is on California quarter?

John Muir is on it and he is in Yosemite Valley.

What type of tree did John Muir save?

The giant redwoods in Northern California were saved by Muir.

Who influences Theodore Roosevelt to set aside 100 million acres as federal forests?

He was a California naturalist by the name of John Muir

Who is often called the father of our national parks system?

john muir

What bird is on the back of the California's quarter?

John Muir, Yosemite and a bird

What California national park was established through John Muir's influence?

John Muir's writings influenced U.S. presidents to protect Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park. Both are located in California.

Who is called the father of your national park system?

john muir

When did john muir get muir?

John Muir married to Louisa Strentzel in 1880

What is John Muir's mom's name?

Rebeca Muir

Is John Muir single?

No, John Muir is not single.

Did John Muir die?

He died in Los Angeles, California on December 24, Christmas Eve, in 1914 shortly after the Raker Act was passed.

When did john muir get married?

John Muir married to Louisa Strentzel in 1880