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My first thought was French. And a search of the web found a reference that said the early French Tank crews wore a badge that meets that description. However, I can not find a photo of this. I don't know if it was a badge(pin) worn on their uniform or part of their helmet. Most French helmets have a raised image for the type of unit---usually a flaming grenade. This was attached to the front of the Adrain helmet. So, this is not exactly a pin or badge.

Reference: "Army Uniforms of World War 1" by Andrew Mollo & Pierre Turner, Arco Pub, 1978.

Above book illustrates the uniform of a French tank crew member and has this text:

"The tank commander wears the Adrian helmet with aritllery badge.... In August 1918, a special sleeve badge consisting of crossed cannons surmounted by a knight's helmetwas introduced for crews of tanks."

Also recall, that the badge for the Engineers was a breast plate with an helmet resting on it that resembled what was worn during the Napoleonic wars.

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Branch symbol of the Artillery.

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Q: What is a pin with two crossed cannons?
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