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unitary is where all powers are held by a single central agency. Federal has the powers of the government divided by a written constitution between central government and regional.

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Q: What is one key difference between unitary and federal governments?
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What is the basis of classification of governments as unitary and federal?

relationship between the centre and states

What is the similarities of unitary and federal state?

The similarities between unitary and federal states could be that both types of governments could be democracies. A unitary state could be democratic when the people elect the government officials, as is the case in a federal state.

Do Great Britain France and Germany have unitary governments?

Great Britain and France have unitary governments; Germany has a federal government.

Difference between federal form of government and unitory gove?

In a unitary government, all powers are concentrated in one central authority while in a federal government powers are distributed between the central and state governments. Both of them enjoy coordinate powers.

What government is when power is divided between national and state governments?

It is called a Federal government as opposed to a Unitary government.

What is unitary gorvernment?

A unitary government holds all power at, what we call in the United States, the federal level. There are no issues that the federal government cannot deal with. The opposite of unitary government is the federal government, meaning that there are multiple levels of government. The United States is a federal system of government, with power being shared between the state and federal governments.

Like the federal system of government the unitary system of government allows one body to make all laws for the entire nation?


What is the the difference between a unitary government and a federal government?

the federal system controls most or all the power of government and the unitary system one in which all government is derived form the central government.

What is the difference between Confederation and unitary government?

unitary government: all powers is given to a central government (there is only one level of government).federal system government divides powers of government between national and state governments (power is split between multiple levels of government).confederacy - loose union of independent states (no central government)

What form government is a compromise between a unitary state and a confederation?

The Federal System lies between the unitary and confederal systems of government.

What is difference between federal and unitary form of government?

Federal government is the result of a union of states. Which, could be assumed not to be sovereign. Unitary Government is when there are no states in federation, rather the government is all (other than local needs) at national level. Thus Unitary is not Sovereign.

Which type of government is power centralized?

A unitary system of government is a type of government where power is centralized. When power is shared between a central government and local governments, this is referred to as a federal system of government.