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Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Idaho have only two Representatives.

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Idaho, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Hawaii

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Q: Which states have only two members of the House of Representatives?
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There are 435 representatives?

Assuming the question refers to the United States' House of Representatives, yes. However, in order to conduct business, the House only requires a quorum, or 218 members.

How many members are in the house?

In the house of representatives there are 435 members. Unlike the senate that has 2 members for each state in the house some states may only have 1 representative while others have 18 or more. The amount each state has depends on its population, after each census the number of representatives for each state is adjusted.

How many female and male members are in the house of representatives?

The number of members of the House of Representatives is fixed at 435. Currently, 83% of them are men and only 76 women representatives.

What house in the government has only expelled four members?

The House of Representatives

The house of congress with the fewest members?

In the United States government, we have two Houses in the Legislative branch. These two Houses are the House of Representatives and the Congress. By definition, Congress has only two members per state (so, 100 members). The House of Representatives has the number of members based on the population of the states they represent. I think they have around 500 members, but don't quote me on that. So, if I understand what you're asking, the Congress is the house with the least members. I hope that helps. U.S. SENATE,ONLY 100 MEMBERS

How many US Representatives does Wyoming have?

Wyoming has only 1 Representative in the US House of Representatives. Like all states, it has 2 US Senators. The Wyoming House of Representatives of the Wyoming State Legislature has 60 members.

Who is the only officer of the house of representatives to come from the elected members of the house?

The Speaker of the House is chosen from the party that holds the majority of elected members in the House. The speaker is the presiding officer of the House of Representatives.

Can the number of members in the house of representatives be changed by the president?

No. The number of the house of representatives can only be changed by a law enacted by congress.

How is a member of the house of representatives chosen?

In the US, the House of Representatives are elected by the voters in their respective states. The number of Representatives a state may have is based on population. Some states have such a low level of population, they have only one member in the House of Representatives. As a consequence of the US Constitution, some low population states have two senators and one House member. This is quite unusual, and normally the reverse is true.

Number of houses in legislative branch?

The US Federal government consists of two - the House of Representatives and The Senate. It is known as a bicamerallegislature.Most states also follow this model, however, there are several which have a unicameral legislature (only one house).

How do they choose the number of house members?

There are 435 members of the United States House of Representatives. This was decided by the Reapportionment Act of 1929. It was set at this number only because at the time, this was the size of the House and Congress did not want the House to become too large.

Which House of Congress favors smaller states?

The house of representatives represents states with higher populations more. This is because states have representatives in the house of representatives according to their population. For example, heavily populated California has over 50 representatives while sparsely populated wyoming has only one House of Representatives