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The current governor is Governor Christine Gregoire (D).

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The Governor of the State of Washington is Chris Gregoire..

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Q: Who is the govenor of 'Washington State'?
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Who is the leader of the state government?

the president actually our state government is the govenor the president is our local govenor

Who is the govenor of Washington?

jay inslee

What is a govenor?

is the leador of the state

Who is the governor in Washington D.C.?

Washington dc is a city of district of Columbia . In USA there is a mayor for a each city@ govenor for a each state . Therefore Washington dc hasn't have a governor. They have only a mayor.

Who was govenor the during French and Indian War?

George Washington

Was George Washington a govenor?

No he went from commander in chief to president.

Who is the govenor of the state?

Haley barber

What year was George Washington appointed general of the revolutionary war?

what year did George Washington become govenor

What is the head state governmet position?


Who is Martin O'Malley?

He is the state govenor of Maryland.

What is the state govenor name?

To answer this question we need the state. There are 50 state governors.

Was George Washington a governor at some point in his life?

yes he was govenor when he was 21