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What were the colonies of Virginia?

Virginia WAS a colony- of Great Britain. It did not have colonies.

What coast were the first American colonies founded on?

The first American colonies by Britain were founded along the east coast, the first permanent colony being Jamestown, Virginia.

What American colonies were Chartered colonies?

Rhode Island was a charter colony.

What was the approximate distance between Britain and its North American colony?

The distance between Britain and its north american colony is approximately 3649 miles.

Why was GA no longer considered a royal colony in 1776?

Georgia was no longer considered a royal colony in 1776 because it, along with the other thirteen American colonies, declared independence from Great Britain. Following the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Georgia became an independent state and no longer maintained its status as a royal colony under British rule.

What colony was the first to bring in slaves?

Depends on which colony your talking about. For the US colonies it was Virginia. Other colonies by other countries first was Spain then Portugal then Britain.

What policy led to the War of 1812?

No policy was really involved. Britain was taking American sailors on the basis that those taken were escaped British sailors. That was not true,in many instances but Britain felt it could do so, in part, because the government of Britain was trying to not recognize the independence of the American colonies. Britain went to war against the colonies in an effort to take America back as a subject colony. It failed to do this.

Was Maryland a self governing colony?

All colonies had their own form of government, so yes. Maryland was a self governing colony from Great Britain as well as the colonies as a whole.

When were colonies established?

The American colonies were established in 1620. Jamestown was not a colony in 1607 but men looking for gold. Plymouth was a true colony with families.

Which of the 13 American colonies was established as a prison colony?


What would a boycott of British goods probably have had at the time of the American Revolution?

Before American gained its independence, it was a colony of Great Britain and Great Britain's policy is that their colonies can only trade with them and no other nation. So, when the American Revolution started and a boycott was started, then U.S. would have to rely on themselves for resources or see if any other nations are willing to trade with them.

Why did the colony of Georgia have less anti-british sentiment than the other colonies?

because Georgia was the newest colony, money from Britain