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6-18-11>>> All Walking Liberty Half dollars from 1940 to 1947 regardless of mintmarks, in average circulated condition are valued the same at $16.00.

The values will go up and down along with the price of silver.

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Q: What is a 1941 silver half dollar worth?
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What is the value of a gold and silver 1941 half dollar?

Unfortunately the added gold does not increase the value, but it's still worth about $10.00 for the silver.

How much is a 1941 half-dollar worth?

A 1941 US half dollar in good condition is worth about $9. If it is in uncirculated condition, it would be worth about $26 to $40.

What is an 1941 d silver walking liberty half dollar coin worth?

A 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar is poor condition is worth about nine dollars. The uncirculated value of this coin is around fifty-five dollars. The silver content in the coin is valued at seven dollars and fourteen cents.

How much is a half dollar silver coin worth?

HALF a dollar - $0.50

What is the value of a 1969 silver Kennedy half dollar?

A 1969 silver Kennedy half dollar is worth $5 inn perfect condition. The value of the silver is worth $2.87.

What is a 1998 half dollar worth?

If you mean a 1998 Kennedy half dollar, the coin has no silver in it and is worth face value.

How much is a 1966 half dollar worth today?

The 1966 Kennedy half dollar is 40% silver and worth about $5.00.

Are the Kennedy silver dollars worth anything?

Kennedy is on the HALF dollar, not dollar. There were no U.S. silver dollars minted in the 1960s. The '64 Kennedy half is 90% silver and extremely common, currently worth about $10.50 for the silver.

1974 half dollar silver What is it worth?

If the coin is a US Kennedy half dollar dated 1974 it has no silver in it and is face value.

What is 1967 half dollar worth?

Half dollar minted 1965-70 are 40% silver and currently worth around $4.

What is your walking lady silver dollar worth 1941?

If you look on the back of the coin it will say 50 cents not a dollar. The coin is a Walking Liberty Half Dollar, circulated examples are valued for the silver content only at about $5.00 Uncirculated coins can be $25.00 or more.

What is the silver value of the BTW half dollar?

It's worth about $15.00 for the silver.