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90% silver, 10% copper up to 1964. Copper-nickel clad starting 1965.

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Q: What material did dimes and quarters use before 1968?
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What is the value of a 1968 Liberty Dime?

There is no such thing as a 1968 Liberty dime. Winged Liberty (Mercury) dimes stopped being minted in the mid-1940s. All 1968 dimes are Roosevelt Dimes, not silver, not rare, and are worth simply 10 cents unless in proof condition.

Quarters in 1968 were made of?

All circulation quarters dated 1965 and later are made of copper-nickel.

Where do you find mint mark on a coin?

It depends on the type of coin, and the date and denomination on were the mint mark is located. In 1968 the mintmarks for Dollar, Half dollar, Quarters, Dimes & Nickels was moved to the obverse (front) of the coins from the reverse, all Lincoln cents have obverse mintmarks. In 2007 for dollar coins only, mintmarks are on the edge of the coins.

Where is the mint mark 1971dime?

Roosevelt dimes dated 1968 and after have the mint mark on the obverse (heads) side, just above the date.

When did the us mint stop making silver coins?

There wasn't a specific date; it occurred in stages.The last circulating 90%-silver coins were dated 1964. Dimes and quarters dated 1965 and later are made of clad cupronickel. However, during the conversion period silver dimes, quarters, and halves continued to be struck from 90% silver well into 1965 but all were dated 1964. Reportedly some 1964-dated silver dimes were struck as late as early 1966.Half dollars are a different story. The Mint (foolishly, as it turned out) decided to continue to use silver in halves but at a reduced level, 40% instead of 90%. However by 1968 the price of silver had gone up so much that even these debased coins were worth more than face value if melted. It took 2 more years to convert the half-dollar to cupronickel. Circulation strikes were made in 1969 but only mint-set and proof-set halves were made in 1970. By the time the new clad coins came out in 1971 halves had virtually disappeared.Since 1971, the Mint has struck additional silver coins but only for sale to collectors. These include:Eisenhower dollars: 40% silver, 1971 to 1974Bicentennial quarters, halves, and dollars: 40% silver, dual-dated 1776-1976"Prestige" dimes, quarters, and halves: 90% silver, 1992 to the present.

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What material did dimes and quarters use after 1968?


Do pre 1968 Canadian nickels have any value?

Unlike the dimes and quarters, Canadian nickels didn't have a change in metal composition in 1968. The ones before and after '68 were solid nickel (until 1982, and with exceptions during WWII and Korea).

Does a 1975 Elizabeth II Canadian Quarter contain silver?

No. The last year for silver in Canadian dimes and quarters was 1968.

What were US quarters made of before 1968?


Do coin minted before 1976 have a silver content worth saving?

The cutoff date for U.S. dimes and quarters is 1965, and 1971 for half dollars. All coins (in the listed denominations) minted before those years contain silver. Then U.S nickels dated 1942-1945 contain a little silver as well. For Canadian quarters, halves, and dollars, those contained silver until 1967 (1968 for dimes).

What is the most recent date on a complete silver coin?

The last year for circulating silver U.S. dimes and quarters was 1964, while half dollars continued with a reduced silver content until 1971. Meanwhile in Canada, their dollars and halves were silver up through 1967, with quarters and dimes at a reduced content into 1968.

What is the value of a 1969 Canadian silver quarter?

Last year for Canadian silver content coins was a partial production in 1968. A magnet will pick up newer quarters but not pre 1968 silver coins this includes dimes as well.

Do all s mint marks have silver in them?

No. If you're referring to proof coins 1968-present, no cent or nickels have any silver. Then with dimes, quarters, and half dollars, look at the edge of the coin. A copper/nickel clad proof coin will show a ring of copper, same as any P or D versions. A silver proof won't have that, and it will also be heavier. Meanwhile, all dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars before 1965 contain silver, for all mint marks.

What is the value of a 1968 Liberty Dime?

There is no such thing as a 1968 Liberty dime. Winged Liberty (Mercury) dimes stopped being minted in the mid-1940s. All 1968 dimes are Roosevelt Dimes, not silver, not rare, and are worth simply 10 cents unless in proof condition.

What is the value of 1968 Canada silver dollar?

Starting in 1968, Canadian dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars were all made of nickel, not silver. It's worth one dollar in Canada.

What is the value of a pure silver 1968 half dollar?

There's no such coin. The U.S. never made any coins out of pure silver because they'd wear out almost immediately. By 1968 dimes and quarters were made of copper-nickel and halves were only 40% silver. See the Related Question for more.

What year was silver stopped in coins?

Britain - 1947 US - 1935 for $1 coins; 1964 for dimes, quarters, and 90% silver halves; 1970 for 40% silver halves Canada - 1967-1968, in stages from 80% to 50% to zero.