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Q: Who was a founding father but not a us president?
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Who was the founding father and the first president of the US?

George Washington.

Was James Madison famous?

yes of course he was famous he was a founding father and a president of the US

What US President was a scientist?

Thomas Jefferson was a founding father and the third president of the USA. He was also an accomplished scientist in addition to being the president.

What is president George Washington nickname?

Father of our country. Founding father. 1st president,

What were George Washington's roles as a founding father?

His role as a founding father was to become the first president of the united Staets.

What founding father was Muslim and later switched to Christianity?

There was no US Founding Father who was born Muslim.

What president with the last name Hamilton served as president of the us of America?

The most famous Hamilton, Alexander, was never President but was important as a founding father and treasury secretary.

What was John Adams?

John Adams was a vice president of the United States. He served as the 1st vice president. John was also a founding father of the US.

Which Founding Father was selected as president of the Second Continental Congress?

Which Founding Father is on the US nickel?


Who is the founding father of Guatemala?

Juan Jose Arevalo is the founding father of Guatemala. He was a former president who brought a lot of social reforms to Guatemala.

Which president is on a 1961 US half dollar?

No president is on a 1961 half dollar. It depicts Benjamin Franklin who was a Founding Father, statesman, diplomat, inventor, writer, and philosopher ... but never president.

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