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Henry Ford was known to have pro-Nazi feeling. For what reason I cannot say. Charles Lindbergh was world famous after his flight across the Atlantic Ocean. He made a tour of Europe later and when in Germany was shown their top secret aircraft, and was even allow to fly one. His reasons for opposing war could have been many. We were in a Depression, and needed to concentrate our efforts towards recovery. Many Americans resented the actions of the English and French for not listening to President Wilson after the war, and their actions pretty clearly were a cause of WW II. Many of us thought WW II was their fault, and we were not going to war to save them again. Then too I think Lindbergh was greatly impressed with Germany and how advance their Airforce was over ours (which was true.) He may have felt that we could never catch up with them, so it would be best to avoid a war and mind our own business. Impressions I have gained over the years. John

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Q: Why did Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford oppose the US going to war against Germany?
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