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Germany had to pay £6600million as reperations

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Q: After World War 1 Germany had to pay billions of dollars in war?
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Did the US earn a lot of money in World War 2?

No, we spent billions of dollars fighting the war, we gave billions of dollars worth of material to our allies and we loaned them still more billions of dollars almost none of which was ever paid back. Michael Montagne

How much money did allies owe us before you joined World War 2?

Actually, Germany was hit with all the reparations for WWI as outlined in the Treaty of Versailles. It was billions of dollars, and caused great inflation in Germany and angered the German people.

What were the final cost and consequences of World War 2?

Millions of lives, war crimes trials (and convictions), billions of dollars, new technology (nuclear weapons, radar, missiles, jets etc), a split Germany (and Europe), and many other things.

How much was germany fined for World War 1?

That would be $33 billion dollars!

How did reparations lead to World War 2?

War damages Germany had to pay 33.billion dollars to the Allies

Why did the International Community prosecute World War 2 crimes?

Because when you slaughter millions of Jews and cost the world billions of dollars people are going to be pissed.

The total cost of war in terms on money was?

over one trillion (: A+

Explain the problems experienced by Germany after World War 1?

Germany's army was to be reduced, their weapondry was destroyed, they were blamed for the war, and they had to pay about 33 billion dollars.

Were the treaty of Versailles required Germany to pay the allies billions in loans?

The treaty obligated Germany to pay off damage costs the war created. Billions, yes.

How was the world after the war?

they where recovering from damages , especially in worl war 2 where Germany had to pay 33 billion dollars for damages caused in war

What would be the conclusion for the condition of Germany after first world war?

After WWI, the condition of Germany was in ruins. The Germans had spent billions on the war effort, so poverty was existent in many parts of Germany. The Germans were shocked when their government surrendered, because, due to the propaganda, they thought they were winning the war.

Why was Germany a good hiding spot in world war 2?

This question makes no sense. No one would want to hide anything in Germany except the Nazis. They hid billions of dollars and valuables in some mines, caves and other places. Anyone else wanting to hide something in Germany risked having the Nazis or the Allied Forces finding it or having the hiding spot bombed.