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Well originially, Mongolia, but as they fought the Irish in the 1800s, the Macedonians chased them from their place of origin aka Iraq. This caused dispair among the natives, causing their cry for Achilles. Achilles instead murdered them.

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Yes. Korea was settled and founded by Chinese, and Korea had been part of and subject to Chinese Empires until became completely seperated and independent from mainland China after Sino-Japanese war in 1895. The name of "Korea (韓國,Han Guk)" means country of Chinese people.

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The division of Korea into North Korea and

South Korea stems from the 1945 Allied

victory in World War II, ending Japan's 35-

year colonial rule of Korea. In a proposal

opposed by nearly all Koreans, the United

States and the Soviet Union agreed to

temporarily occupy the country as a

trusteeship with the zone of control

demarcated along the 38th parallel. The

purpose of this trusteeship was to establish

a Korean provisional government which

would become "free and independent in

due course."[1] Though elections were

scheduled, the two superpowers backed

different leaders and two states were

effectively established, each of which

claimed sovereignty over the whole Korean


The Korean War (1950-1953) left the two

Koreas separated by the DMZ through the

Cold War to the present day. North Korea is

a communist state, though the last instances

of the word Communism were removed

from its constitution in 2003, often

described as Stalinist and isolationist. Its

economy initially enjoyed substantial

growth but collapsed in the 1990s, unlike

that of its Communist neighbor China. South

Korea emerged, after decades of

authoritarian rule, as a capitalist liberal


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Yes. Korean were derived and originated from Chinese ethnic

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Half correct, it was exactly. Korea was historically part of China and believed to be eastern end of China. Korea became completely independent after Sino-Japanese war in 1895.

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Genetically, yes. Korean are derived from Chinese.

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Q: Are Korean people actually Chinese
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