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Q: Each of the four long term causes helped to increase the likelihood of war?
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explain the 4 causes of world war 2 andhow do each one contributed to the conflict?

I can think of 5 causes: how severely the Germans were punsished at the end of WWI (the treaty of Versailles), appeasement by the British & others, the great depression, extreme nationalism/militarism & lack of resources by the Japanese

What was the impact of symbol on common people during the course of national freedom?

these symbols helped the common people realize how similar they are with each other. these symbols also showed them and reminded them the things they were fighting for.

What were BIG causes of World War 1?

The proximate cause of WW1 is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. There are four main causes of the starting of WW1. They were Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism. In militarism countries aggressively built their nations armed forces. For the alliances, each nation in the allies protected the others. Imperialism is when the countries competed to control other colonies, and nationalism is the devotion to your nation. These are the four main causes of WW1.

What were the long term causes of world war 1?

a problem with ww1 was that most European countries were bound by ally agreements. When only 2 countries officially declared war on each other their allies were forced to join the war.

How did the end of World War 2 bring about the beginning of the cold war?

there was no really date for the start of cold war. =The soviet union and the united state hated each other but they helped each other during WW2. After they won they wanted half of what Germany conquered. When they had these lands they made them communist and U.S didn't want the spread of Communism so they argued and supplied democratic country to fight of communism which was like a starting point for the war.=

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