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these symbols helped the common people realize how similar they are with each other. these symbols also showed them and reminded them the things they were fighting for.

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Q: What was the impact of symbol on common people during the course of national freedom?
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Are any freedom fighter alive till now?

Of course there are still freedom fighters, but if youre thinking about freedom fighters back during apartheid and all that fun stuff, then no. Gandhi, Matrin Luther, they pretty much all got assassinated by racists.

What was the agenda of the Indian national congress at the time of its establishment?

indian national congress was established during freedom struggle of india it was established in 1885 the party supports secularism and welfare of weaker section and minorities

Name one government law passed during wartime that limited the freedom of speech to protect national security issues?

The Sedition Act of 1918 was passed during World War I by the U.S. government to prohibit speech that could incite rebellion or interfere with the war effort. It aimed to prevent dissent or criticism that could undermine national security during the war.

Need for symbols in general and during freedom struggle?

Need for symbols in genral and during freedom struggle?"

What Freedom stands for?

The Statue of Freedom stands for the freeing of slavery during the Civil War

What is Philippine arts during rebirth of freedom?

It is the period that Philippine arts rebirthed freedom.

What freedom did the attorney general of the US violate during the Red Scare?

Freedom of speech

Who was known as the lokhit wadi during the freedom struggle of India?

Gopal Hari Deshmukh was known as the Lokhitwadi during the freedom struggle of India.

Which freedom may have been illegally denied by attorney General Palmer during the red scare?

The Freedom of Speech.

What were the Chinese people seeking freedom from during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries?

Chinese people seeking freedom from religious persecution during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

How were civil liberties compromised during ww1?

Their freedom of speech and freedom of press where taken away.

Who does not stand up for the national anthem?

The song represents the nation and its people as a single entity and standing in a salute position during its performance is a sign of respect for the country, its people, its government and for any ideals it portends, whether or not these ideals have yet actually been put into practice.