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Q: How many countries actually signed up for marshall aid?
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The original United Nations charter was signed by how many countries?

it was signed by 50 out of 51 of the original countries.

How many countries signed the Declaration of Independence?

No countries signed the American Declaration of Independence, only American colonists.

How many countries have signed the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations?

78 Countries signed but the number is still growing

How many countries signed the united nations convention on the rights of the child?

There are 193 countries in the world.191 of them have signed it.United states hasen't signed it.

How many countries have signed the accord in the Kyoto protocol?

191 countries have signed and ratified the kyoto protocol as of september 2011...

How many countries originally signed the United Nations Charter?

50 countries originally signed it, and the 51st, Poland, signed later.

How many countries have signed UNESCO's World Heritage International Agreement?

178 countries have signed the agreement. But UNESCO still wants more to contribute.

How many of the European Union members signed the Maastricht Treaty?

12 countries signed the Maastricht Treaty.

What have countries done to protect the ozone layer?

Countries have done many efforts. They have signed a MONTREAL PROTOCOL too.

How many delegates actually signed the constitution?

there was 42 delegates

How many countries have signed the European convention of human rights now?


Of the original 13 colonies how many actually signed the declaration of independence?

All 13 colonies had delegates who signed the document.