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There are 10 World controllers in Brave New World, a novel written by Aldous Huxley.

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Q: How many world controllers are there in a brave new world?
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What is the figurehead that is always watching in the brave new world by aldous huxleys?

Mustapha Mond, one of the Seven World Controllers.

When was Brave New World created?

Brave New World was created in 1932.

When was Brave New World Records created?

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Does John die in Brave New World?

John hangs himself at the end of Brave New World .

What year was Brave New World published?

'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley was published in 1932.

Who wrote many goodly creatures?

Aldous Huxley in A Brave New World

Who did the murder in brave new world?

Although there was no murder in Brave New World, John the Savage killed himself.

What is the setting in brave new world?

The "Brave New World" is London. Whereas, the "Reserve" that is visited later in the book is in New Mexico.

What is the duration of Brave New World with Stephen Hawking?

The duration of Brave New World with Stephen Hawking is 2760.0 seconds.

What are the ratings and certificates for Brave New World - 1993?

Brave New World - 1993 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

Brave New World comes from which Shakespeare play?

Miranda says it in The Tempest: "Oh, brave new world that has such creatures on it."

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