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Three staples of the Pioneer diet were hardtack, beans and salt pork. Hardtack is a type of cracker, baked two to four times, that would keep almost indefinitely if kept dry. Hardtack was a common ration on sea-going ships and during military campaigns. Beans, when dried, will also keep for a long time. Salt pork is un-smoked pork cured in salt. It is often made from the same cuts as bacon but since it is not smoked it is near white in color. Again, it will keep for an extended period of time and it was usually kept in barrels -- that barrel attached to the side of the Conestoga wagon in the old Western movies was the "pork barrel". Salt pork must be rinsed before it is eaten as it will be excessively salty otherwise -- this was usually done by soaking it in water and changing the water several times. Salt pork was simmered with beans to make a type of soup or a dish similar to Boston Baked Beans. There was not a lot of variety in that diet.

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Most pioneers, due to the scarcity of resources in the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, would cannabalize each other, which means to eat each other. They would capture and kill other pioneers that were trying get to nearby destinations, hence the name "Wild, Wild, West."

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They packed hard boiled eggs, water, cheese, sometimes maple sugar if they were lucky.

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1000 pounds!

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Q: How much food did the pioneers need to bring?
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