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Q: How much land did kublai khan control?
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How much of the world did Kublai Khan rule?

All of the known word in Eurasia

Which explorer spent 17 years working for the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan?

Marco Polo, born on Sept 15, 1254. The Polo family traders frequented Sarai and the court of Berke Khan, Bukhara and the court of Kublai Khan. They spent 17 yrs in China, much of Marco Polo's time was spent in the company of Kublai Khan

Could kublai khan read or write?

yes, because hes fat. he ate too much KFC.

What time period did Kublai khan live in?

After Temujin was given the title Genghis Khan and sought after conquering much of Asia, his success brought about the Pax Mongolica, or "Mongol Peace". ggggggg

Which Mongolian practice did Kublai Khan NOT follow?

He did not follow the Mongolian way of traveling on horseback in conquering- he was much more content in his palace in China.

What were Kublai khan's accomplishments?

Pretty much created paper money and started trade routes with Europe and India Foos: founder of the yuan dynasty

Which country was Kubla Khan from?

Kubla Khan, or, A Vision in a Dream, A Fragment is a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which takes its title from the Mongol and Chinese emperor Kublai Khan.Kublai or Khubilai Khan was from Mongolia. Grandson of Genghis Khan, In 1271, Kublai established the Yuan Dynasty, which at that time ruled over present-day Mongolia, North China, much of Western China, and some adjacent areas, and assumed the role of a Chinese Emperor. By 1279, the Yuan forces had successfully annihilated the last resistance of the Southern Song Dynasty, and Kublai became the emperor of all China.

What were the differences and similarities between kublai Khan and Genghis Khan?

Both Alexander the Great (ATG) and Genghis Khan share numerous similarities. Both were exceptional tacticions as their diverse application of creativity and intellect during battle lead to legendary victories in which their armies were at a numerical disadvantage. They are similar in the sense that both embarked on a journey to conquer vast lands, and both were motivated by the assasination of their fathers. However, it is there in which the similarities end. Genghis Khan's upbringing was completely different when compared to Alexander's. Whereas upon Alexander's fathers passing he inherited his army, Genghis Khan built his army from scratch; due to the betrayal of his fathers right hand man in which Temudjin (Genghis' natural name) and his family were deserted. Also, although I believe it a mis-interpretation, Genghis' reign has been viewed as one of tyranny, compared to the herioc persona assigned to Alexander's Genghis Khan conquered a great deal more land than Alexander. Both of them surely best of the best ever. However, I like Alexander more. Many people would say that I'm insane saying that, but let me explain why cuz Alexander conquered 6/7 of the known world, meanwhile Genghis Khan 2/3.

What caused the collapse of Mongol rule in China?

The Mongols didn't fall so much as blend in with the societies they had conquered. Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, was as much "Chinese" as he was Mongolian. Throughout their empire, the Mongols let their subjects continue to live, worship and work as they always had. Mongols were assimilated in to their subject cultures.

Who brought much of the Eurasian landmass under a single rule creating the largest land in history?

Genghis Khan

How much land did Britain control in 1750-1901?

25% of the world's land surface.

Compare Genghis Khan and Julius Caesar?

Genghis Khan Conquered much more land then Caesar.Not to mention, many note that he is the greatest Conqueror of all time.Although, Caesar's empire lasted lasted much longer then that of the Mongol Empire.