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Saudi Arabia-Dinar

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Q: Picture of different currency around the world?
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World currency picture?

you can go onto google to find pictures of currency. currency from around the world consists of many colors and designs. i put a link below for you to see money from other countries.

What was the currency in 1869?

Just like now, there were many different currencies around the world in 1869, not just one.

What is the currency around the world?


What makes a stamp from Britain different from stamps all around the world?

The name of the country will not be found on it. It will have a picture of the current monarch.

What do you call a group of stars that form a picture?

A group of stars that form a picture is called a constellation. These patterns are recognized and named by different cultures around the world.

How many different types of official currency are there in the world?


Are securities in all stock exchanges around the world traded in the US currency?

No all securities are not traded in US currency. The stock is traded in the currency that the country uses.

What currencies will the Yahoo currency converter convert?

The Yahoo currency converter is able to convert hundreds of different currencies around the world, including every major currency. The most common converted currencies are the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, and Euro.

How did Einstein feel about the picture of him that went around the world?


How much is 100 america money in Russian?

There is a thing called the exchange rate for currency around the world. It changes every day depending on events around the world and the price of gold. You can go online to look at the exchange rate for the dollar between different currencies.

Why are there different houses around the world?

because people around the world have different mindset

Why different times around the world?

because the sun sets at different times around the world