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It wasn’t a nation but a city and that was Berlin, Germany. That created two separate Germany’s one called East Germany controlled by Russia and West Germany controlled by the western nations.

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Q: What Nation Did The Allies Agree To Split Into Four Zones Of Occupation At The Potsdam Conference?
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At the potsdam conference which nation did the allies agree to split into four zones of occupation?

At the Potsdam Conference, the Allies agreed to split Germany into four zones of occupation.

A meeting to determine future of occupied European nation?

potsdam conference

What did the declaration on liberated Europe by the US at the yalta conference called for?

The Yalta Conference was a conference between the Allies near the end of WWII that debated on the outcome of postwar Europe. The main topic was how to deal with Nazi Germany. The US proposed a plan to split Germany into six separate countries and to have an Allied occupation of Austria. This, obviously, did not come true though. The US also wanted Germany to became a democratic nation.

The nation that did not take part in the Potsdam meetings was?

I don't know if to late to answer it for you but its France.

For how many years the greek nation had been under occupation?

The occupation of Greece began in April 1941 and lasted until October 1944. German garrisons remained in control until after World War II ended and surrendered to Allies in 1945.

Members of the world disarmament conference?

65 Nations were at the conference to disarm every nation

What nation that had signed a noneggression pact with Germany eventually joined the allies?

what nation that had signed a nonaggression pack with Germany eventually joined the allies

Which was the primary nation that opposed the Allies?


Which nation was NOT a part of the Allies?

Germany and Japan.

When league of nation esteblished?

1919 at the Versailles Conference

What demand did nikita khrushchev make at the Vienna conference in1961?

that the us recognize the formal division of Germany

Who were sequoyahs friends or allies?

Akoya and the Cherokee Nation