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Some important links between Australia and England are..... ~ England founded Australia ~ When all the prisons in England were full the English decided to send there prisoners to Australia to get rid of them. ~ Captain James Cook was the first person who mapped the east coast of Australia. I hope that this can help a little

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Q: What are some of the important links between Australia and England?
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What did Scottish bring to Australia?

The Scottish brought experience with the construction of corn mills and other engineering feats. They also brought commercial and links between Scotland and Australia along with skilled workers like bricklayers and stonemasons.

What important things happened in 1762?

See the two links below, these will give you all the information you need about what important events happened in 1762.

What are links between world war 1 and the cold war?

None. The atomic bomb created the cold war; and that didn't occur until WWII.

How can you determine if you are a naturalized citizen of Australia?

There are several ways to become a citizen of Australia:Birth: being born in Australia, if at least one of your parents is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.By Ascent: a person born to Australian citizens outside of Australia may also become a citizen immediately upon fulfilling one or several conditions.10th Birthday: if born in Australia but the above condition is not satisfied, a child who is born and lives in Australia becomes a citizen on their tenth birthday, regardless of their parents' nationality or residence.Permanent Residence and Naturalisation: a person who has obtained permanent residence on or after 1 July, 2007, may apply for citizenship by naturalisation after four (4) years of residence. There are several conditions that apply to this application as well.There are also historical laws that may still apply, as the current leglisation was passed in 2007.For further information on the citizenship of Australia and conditions mentioned, as well as the historical aspects of it, see the related links.

What is the English emblem?

The "emblem" of England is the Rose and the Thistle. Theories abound as to the origin of this ubiquitous symbol of English glory. Most commonly attributed to the Crusades and the War of the Roses. More romantic historians have mythologized it a symbol of King Arthur and the mystical "Camelot". The Rose certainly, but the thistle is Scottish. The flag of England is the cross of St George, a red cross on a white ground. Indeed, however the Act of Settlement of 1701 established Scotland, Ireland and England as the United Kingdom. Therefore the Rose and Thistle became a symbol of national unity as well. It should also be pointed out the flags of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England are flown under the Union Jack. Of course the Union Jack is the most recognizable symbol of England to the generations that followed the Act of Settlement.Of course the Union Jack always enjoys precedence above any other flag of the UK and most commonwealth countries. _______ The rose is widely regarded (at least in England itself) as the emblem of England, the thistle is a key emblem of Scotland. (By the way, the Act of Settlement 1701 regulated the succession to the throne of England. The acts uniting England and Scotland were the Acts of Union 1707 and the act uniting Great Britain and Ireland was the Act of Union 1800. - See links).

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What links england to France?

That would be the, "Chunnel", a tunnel that was constructed under the ocean between England and France.

Is there a railway link between Whales and England?

Yes. There is a railway link that links Wales and England and all the way to Scotland.

What are the links Australia has with England?

Constitutional - both have the Queen as head of state. Economic - there's strong links between both countries. Cultural - Again much two way traffic. Sporting - especially cricket and rugby. Diplomatic. Demographic and kinship - Uk is still a popular destination for australian students and workers while many emigrate from UK to Australia on a permanent basis.

What were the links between England and Spain in the armada?

Queen Mary marred Philip II of Spain

What links are there between Australia and the Holocaust?

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Uranium in Australia?

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What is the geography of Australia?

Australia has a variety of geographic zones and features. See the Related Links below for an overview and further links.

On what website can you find out about Australia?

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What Italy influence on Australia?

Some Italian influences in Australia in the links below.

What links France and England?

The Chunnel!

Was The new federated Australia was to be a white Australia and the Kanakas population was unwelcome?

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Which country directly links England with the Channel Tunnel?

The Channel Tunnel links southeast England and northern France. If you mean which 'county', the answer is Kent.