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Australia has a variety of geographic zones and features. See the Related Links below for an overview and further links.

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Q: What is the geography of Australia?
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How is the geography of Australia similar to geography of US?

it is land

What geographical area is between Australia and Antarctica?

The geography between Australia and Antarctica is the Southern Ocean geography.

What is the dingo's habitat's geography?


Did the geography of Australia affect how culture developed?

no it does not

What is sydney africa geography?

Sydney is in Australia not Africa

What is a similarity between Australia and Brazil's geography?

grnd conyon

What country could you describe with the 5 themes of geography?


What are some geography economic issues in Australia?

Australia is a very dry country with a very arrid inland.

Is there a word beginning with a that relates to geography?


How many rivers are in Australia?

6,325 accordin to a 2012 servay of the geography of austrailia.

What has the author Alyson L Greiner written?

Alyson L. Greiner has written: 'Anglo-Celtic Australia' -- subject(s): Australia, British, Celts, Civilization, Emigration and immigration, Historical geography, History, Human geography, Immigrants, Multiculturalism

What has the author Harry Reginald Cain written?

Harry Reginald Cain has written: 'Human and economic geography' -- subject(s): Economic geography 'Physical geography for Certificate students' -- subject(s): 1945-, Physical geography, Textbooks 'Australia and New Zealand' -- subject(s): Description and travel 'Physical geography' -- subject(s): Physical geography

What are the 5 themes of geography for Africa Asia and Australia?

The same as the five themes of geography everywhere else: place, location, region, movement and human-environment interaction.

What are the 5 themes of geography for Australia?

Location, place, region, human interaction/enviroment and movement

Which continent in area is smaller than Europe?

it's Australia source: my teacher assigns Daily Geography and that is the same exact question on it. we graded it today and it was Australia:)

What is found in every center of America and Australia?

This is a question of logic rather than geography. The answer is "the letter r".

Where is New Zealand compared to Australia?

Assuming this is a geography question, rather than philosophic, New Zealand lies less than 2000 km SE from Australia.

How is the physical geography of New Zealand similar from that of Australia?

There is mountains and land. However the soil,vegetation and wild life are much younger. Australia is millions of years older

What has the author Oskar Hermann Khristian Spate written?

Oskar Hermann Khristian Spate has written: 'Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific' 'The compass of geography' -- subject(s): Geography 'India and Pakistan'

What are all the names of places that begin with each letter in the word geography?

Places that begin with the letters of the word geography are: Germany Ecuador Oman Guyana Russia Australia Panama Hong Kong Yemen

What has the author Charles Laseron written?

Charles Laseron has written: 'The face of Australia' -- subject(s): Description and travel, Physical geography 'Ancient Australia' -- subject(s): Paleogeography, Paleontology

Why go to Australia when you can visit the UK?

Because Australia's the best. They are a world apart in miles and geography, as well as customs and culture.

What is one of the many differences between the physical geographies of Australia and New Zealand?

The most obvious difference between the physical geography of Australia and New Zealand is that New Zealand is predominantly mountainous, while the vast majority of Australia is plains.

What is difference between geography and systemetic geography?

geography is geography

What impact did geography have on cultures of Australia?

Australia's isolation meant that once the first people made it to Australia, they had no more contact with other cultures until the 1600s, when European explorers arrived. That isolation caused the culture of the aboriginal Australians to be very unique. The indigenous people also changed the geography of Australia. Fossil evidence suggests that, through the use of fires, the earliest Aboriginals cleared the scrubland that originally covered Australia, leaving behind desert and open it plains.