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Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

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Q: What causesed US to be in world war 2?
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Was true of the us economy after world war 2?

After World War 2, the US had the strongest economy in the world.

Who was USPresident at end of World War 2?

US PresidentHarry Truman was US President at the end of World War 2.

When the us join the world war 2?

The 8th of December 1941 was the date that the US joined world war 2

How many fatalities did the US have during World War 2?

405,400 US casualties are recorded for World War 2

How many US civiliain casualties were there in World War 2?

1,700 US Civilians were killed during World War 2.

What was one event that help make the US a world power?

World War 2

Who were the 2 allies of US ofthe wars war world 1 and war world 2?

World War 1: The UK, and Japan. World War 2: The UK, and Russia.

An enemy of the US in World War 1 and World War 2?


Who was on the US side in World War 1 but not in World War 2?


Us declares war on Germany in World War 2?

No Germany declares war on US

Did the US fight in any other wars during world war 2?

?? WW2 or World WAR 2 was a war.

How many US died in World War 2?

405,400 is the number of US casualties in World War 2 that I have found most often.