What continent was Sumer on?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: What continent was Sumer on?
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Which continent is sumer located in?

Sumer was located in the ancient region of Mesopotamia, which is in modern-day Iraq, a country in the continent of Asia.

Put sumer in a sentence?

Sumer was an ancient kingdom.The kingdom of Sumer no longer exists. The artifacts were from Sumer.

What is the religion of Sumer?


What is a sumer?

a sumer is a kind of writing

What is the birth name of Sumer Loggins?

Sumer Loggins's birth name is Sumer Dene' Loggins.

Religion of sumer?

Social classes of Sumer

Did doctors work as teachers in Sumer?

In which sumer

What is a slogan for Sumer?

Sumer; where it all started

Is Sumer west of Egypt.?

Yes, Sumer is west of Egypt.

Does the civilization in nippur belong to Sumer or Babylonia?


What are the cities of the Sumer?

One city of Sumer was Bulhakia

Was medal abundant in Sumer?

Was medal abundant in Sumer