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Q: What countries gained territory in world war 1?
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What six countries gained territory after the World War 1?

Six countries that gained territory after World War 1 include France, which acquired Alsace-Lorraine from Germany; Italy, which gained territory from Austria-Hungary; Romania, which expanded its borders and gained territory from Austria-Hungary; Greece, which acquired Western Thrace from the Ottoman Empire; Poland, which gained independence and expanded its borders; and Czechoslovakia, which emerged as a new country and gained territory from Austria-Hungary.

Did romania gain or lose territory in world war 1?


How did treaty change the world map?

because of the treat and of the war alot of the allies had lost and also gained territory. Several new countries were created.

Italy gained territory at the expense of what after World War 1?

Lol, nothing at all

Italy gained territory at the expense of what country after World War 1?

Lol, nothing at all

Which country gained most territory in the seven years war?

Great Britain gained more territory.

Which countries in World War 1 gained land and which countries lost land?

Great British and Spain

Un trust territory of Ruanda-Urundi?

Ruanda-Urundi was a United Nations Trust Territory in Africa, administered by Belgium after World War I. It consisted of the present-day countries of Rwanda and Burundi. The territory gained independence in 1962, with Rwanda and Burundi becoming separate nations.

What changes did the Mexican war result in?

territory was gained.

What was gained by World War 2?

one thing was that all the countries were still free, as if Germany had won the war the countries would have be run by the NAZIS.

What territory gained by the us after the Spanish American war?

it was the indians

How is the bear flag revolted to the war with Mexico?

They gained territory