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he explored for France

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Q: What country did Sieur de LaSalle traveled to?
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Was the country sieur de lasalle sailed to happy with his accomplishments?

i need dicoveries and accomplishments by sieur de la salle

When did sieur de lasalle die?

sieur de lasalle died on March 19, 1687...(age 43)

What is la salles full name?

Rene Robert Cavalier Sieur De LaSalle

Where did Sieur de La Salle live?

At country did sieur de la salle

What river did the french and spanish explore?

Both countries explored the Mississippi River. The first Spaniard was Hernando de Soto and the first Frenchman was Sieur de LaSalle.

What country was Sieur de Bienville from?

Montreal, Canada

Where did Rene Robert Cavelier Sieur De Lasalle explore?

Rene Robert Cavelier explored the Mississippi, parts of southeast Canada, and parts of Texas.

What country did Sieur de La Salle sail for?

for freedom and...

Which country did Robert De Lasalle sailed for?


What country sponsored Rene Robert Cavelier Sieur De La Salle?

Rene Robert Cavelier Sieur De La Salle was sponsored by France.

Which US state was named by French explorer rene-robert Cavalier de la salla?

Sieur de LaSalle (not la salla) named the area of Lousiana for the King Louis the 14th.

What did Robert De Lasalle country sailed for?

He sailed for France