What country is Charlemagne from?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Charlemagne was born in the Kingdom of the Franks, which was mostly in what are now parts of France and Germany. He was crowned king, and extended his kingdom greatly, adding others to it, including Saxony, the Kingdom of Lombardy, and an area called the Spanish March, in northern Spain. In the end, he ruled nearly all of modern France, Germany, and Austria, all of Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, the northern half of Italy and parts of other countries. After he died, his empire was divided, and important parts became the Kingdom of France, and the Holy Roman Empire (Germany).

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Q: What country is Charlemagne from?
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What modern European country did Charlemagne conquer?

Charlemagne conquered what is now France and Germany.

What was Charlemagne's resident of city and country?

charlemagne has 18 kids and 10 wives. but divorce them all

What country was Charlemagne born in and work in?

Charlemagne was King of the Franks, an Empire which incorporated much of Europe. Born 742 died 814

What country did Charlemagne rule?

France I think.

How do you say Charlemagne Quebec and Canada in french?

What a dumb question to ask!!!! Charlemagne Quebec is a place in a country of the world these names do not change in any language Therefore Charlemagne Quebec in French is simply "Charlemagne Quebec" if you don't believe me translate it using the internet.

Charlemagne was emperor of a land that was roughly the same as the modern country of?

France =)

Did Charlemagne lead his country to war?

Yes. He led the Franks on several campaigns throughout Europe.

What country did Charlemagne come from?

When charlemagne was born, there were barley any countries, instead there were little fiefdoms. Western europe before his rule wasn't unified. But my guess is that he comes from a small fiefdom in modern france

What is Charlemagne's first and last name?

Obviously Charlemagne's first name is Charlemagne and Charlemagne's last name was Merovingian. His name stood for "Charles the Great"

Who was King Charlemagne?

A king that was named charlemagne

What was Charlemagne's nationality?

Charlemagne was a Frank. The Franks were a German tribe which crossed in Rhine early in the 5th Century and formed a kingdom within the Western Roman Empire, in present day France and northern Spain. The country of France is named after them.

What was king Charlemagne king of?

Charlemagne was king of the Franks from 768 to 814. By the end of his reign his country include nearly all of modern France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and large parts of the Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy.