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Well most of them would live in a factory and in there all there food was cold ,the common food was oat cake it was for breakfast and lunch and other times they had potato pie with boiled bacon... they weren't fed very well or looked after very well. They also ate buns...

But some children still did go to school. They might bring cheese, cold meat, homemade bread, raw vegetables, apples, summer saugsage etc. Not alot was on a lunch unless you had more money then others

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They would eat bread and soup. They drank water and maybe milk!

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Anything they could steal or find in the garbage.

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Q: What did street children eat in Victorian times?
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The poor children in Victorian times did not have many types of food to eat. They mostly age stale bread, potato peelings, and scraps.

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beef chicken duck rabbit salt sugar and meet loaf

What did Victorian shool children eat?

i don't know because i wasnt born in Victorian times. god get it right would you!!

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What did poor victorian children eat for dinner?

Bread and water

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what did poor people eat and drink in the victorian era

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Well doooh. They ate food. What else?

What did they in in Victorian workhouses?

I'm pretty sure that adults and children are separate and they eat gruel:)

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The queens would eat very fancy foods during the banquets in the Victorian times. These foods would often consist of many courses including dessert.

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