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Holy water is usually kept in the Baptismal font, also, there is usually a large urn in most Catholic Churches to hold holy water for the people who want some. They put it in holy water bottles that they bring in with them. The Church has small fonts (small dishes attached to the wall) by each door for people to bless themselves as they come into the Church. For the beginning of Mass, or any other time that the priest wishes to bless everyone with holy water, he will have a handled bucket into which he puts the aspergill (looks like a hollow microphone) that he uses to sprinkle the people with holy water.

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Q: What do they use to put holy water in?
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What makes book holy?

Put holy water on it

Is holy water a waste of water?

The use of holy water is incidental to Catholic worship. In periods of severe water shortage, the use of holy water can be suspended.

What is the pan the Catholics use to put holy water in to baptize with?

The Baptism font is what holds the water for baptisms in the Catholic Church.

What is the bowl used to put holy water in?

It is a Chalice

Why do vampires avoid holy water?

Its something to do with the pureness of the water and the belief people put in it

What does the priest use to baptise someone?

A baptismal font

Does the Bible mention anything about holy water?

The bible does mention holy water once in the scriptures. It is found in the King James Version Bible in Numbers chapter 5 and verse 17. "And the priest shall take holy water in an earthen vessel; and of the dust that is in the floor of the tabernacle the priest shall take, and put it into the water:"

Can anyone sprinkle holy water on you?

Roman Catholic AnswerYes, I suppose they could, but I'm not sure why they would want to. Perhaps I don't understand the question. Holy Water is a sacramental, which means it is like a sacrament, but not one. Anyone may use holy water.

What tool's do a sanguivorologists use?

wooden stakes, garlic, crucifix, and holy water

Is fresh water Holy Water?

Holy Water is fresh water that has received a special blessing but all fresh water is not necessarily Holy Water.

What are the items used in the aspersion ceremony in the Catholic Church?

An aspergillum is used to sprinkle the congregation with holy water. Sometimes a priest may use an ornate 'bucket' to contain the holy water and use a bough from a tree, bush or palm frond to sprinkle the water.

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