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Voltaire said the Holy Roman Empire was not 'Holy, Roman, or an Empire.'

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Q: Who said the Holy Roman Empire was 'not Holy Roman or an Empire'?
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Who said the the holy roman empire wasn't holy wasn't roman and wasn't an empire?


What were the major languages of the Holy Roman Empire?

Most of the people in the Holy Roman Empire spoke german. It's perhaps worth noting that the Holy Roman Empire (Somebody said this) is not holy, roman or an empire !

The holy roman empire became this country?

the holy roman empire was not holy, roman or an empire - Voltaire

Is Germany holy Roman empire?

Germany was part of the Holy Roman Empire. But was not the Holy Roman Empire.

Has Germany belonged to an empire?

It was part of (and to a large extent was) the Holy Roman Empire, of which it was sometimes said that it was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an empire. However, the German states were not under foreign rule.

When was Holy Roman Empire created?

Holy Roman Empire was created in 962.

Who was ruled by holy Roman empire?

The holy Roman empire ruled the Romans.

What was Charlemagnes greatest accomplishements?

One possibility would be the formation of the Holy Roman Empire (which was unfortunately neither Holy, Roman, nor an Empire).

Was the holy roman empire really holy?

i don't think that it was holy because the event of formation of the empire can be said as the treaty between the then pope and the Frankish's king Charlemagne . according to me the pope had used Charlemagne for the formation of the holy roman empire to protect himself as he used to do many illegal work.

When did the eastern Roman empire become the holy Roman empire?

It never did. The so-called Holy Roman Empire was a mid-European entity.

Who was the first head of the Holy Roman Empire?

Charlemagne was the first ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.

How did the Roman empire change to the holy roman empire?