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They were withdrawn and seperated. New Zealand and Australian mounted troops went to serve in Mesopotamia (Palestine). The regular infantry were sent to England for further training and then absorbed into the carnage on the Western Front.

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It was the most horrible (to me!) battle [horrible and pointless - my passing-by daughter added] on the Eastern Front. Most of the British, Australian and New-Zealand forces endured heat exposure, horrible thirst, deadly diarrhoea, daily shelling for nothing. The survivors didn't win anything and they were later captured and killed by the Turks, who did not believe they could afford to pay for the upkeep of prisoners of war!

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The soldiers were treated OK during the Battle of Gallipoli. It was a battle and the conditions were bad, but the soldiers were not mistreated by commanders.

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Q: What happened to the soldiers at Gallipoli?
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Was movie gallipoli accurate?

No, the movie was not an accurate portrayal of the events that happened in Gallipoli but rather a portrayal of the values and morals of the soldiers that fought in Gaillipoli.

Where did soldiers live in the gallipoli war?

in gallipoli and made out

How do you write Gallipoli as a sentence?

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How do you write a sentence with a gallipoli in it?

The brave soldiers fought in Gallipoli

How many New Zealand soldiers went to Gallipoli?

14,000 new zealand soldiers went to Gallipoli

How many New Zealand soldiers were wounded in Gallipoli?

5,150 New Zealand's soldiers were wounded or missing in Gallipoli.

Where did soldiers sleep in Gallipoli?

In trenches

When did Reconquest of Gallipoli happen?

Reconquest of Gallipoli happened in 1366.

When did Fall of Gallipoli happen?

Fall of Gallipoli happened in 1354-03.

When did Gallipoli Campaign happen?

Gallipoli Campaign happened on 1915-04-25.

What were Soldiers thoughts after battle at gallipoli?

they thought they had won

What diese did the gallipoli soldiers face?

dysentery, cholera