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A baron

It is known as a baron because they were in bars (bar-) and they were always on (-on)

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Q: What is a low ranked Anglo saxon nobleman?
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When was Dutch Low Saxon Wikipedia created?

Dutch Low Saxon Wikipedia was created in 2006.

How is the spanish encomienda system similar to the feudal hierarchy of the middle ages?

It was similar because the feudal hierarchy had high ranked people on top and low ranked people on the bottom. The encomienda system was when the person is assigned a number of slaves/workers to do things for them such as hard labour. Feudalism is when the high ranked person orders the low ranked person to work for them. I'm sure now you see the similarities. They have the high ranked people in control and low ranked people working. So that is the similarities low ranked people working for high ranked people for both systems.

How do you say good food in low German?

"good Eten" Native speaker of Low German/Low Saxon.

Where did the term 'c u n t' come from?

This is an old word, attested in Anglo-Saxon and Middle Low German. Linguists have derived it from a hypothetical root ku- meaning a hollow space or an enclosing object. The Latin form, from which the Romance cognates descend, is cunnus.

What dialects of Low German were spoken before the 12th century?


Dialect of low German spoken in Germany and denmark until12th century?

old saxon

Could I be named after Tiw the God of war in Norse Mythology since my ancestors came from Pomerenia and spoke Low Saxon or Low German and my last name is Tews?

It's possible as Tyr/Tiw was known as Teiws in Low Saxon, however, as a surname, Tews is usually Welsh in origin.

Low German dialect spoken in Germany and Denmark until the 12th century?

Old Saxon

What level is ajk628 in RuneScape?

he is not ranked which means he ahs low levels but we cannot determine what lvl he is unless we know his stats

What languages are spoken in Norderney Germany?

German is the official language.People speak a dialect called East Frisian Low Saxon. In German, this is called Platdüütsk.

What impacts did Romans in Britain have on the English language?

When the Romans conquered England, they brought with them thier language, Latin. It was the language of the Empire for a long time. Church Officials mainly used Latin as well, so it lived on. We also have many words with Latin bases today, especially scientific names.

What is Plattdeutsch?

Plattdeutsch is a Low German dialect spoken in Northern Germany and parts of the Netherlands. It is also known as Low Saxon and has several regional variations. Plattdeutsch is considered a separate language from Standard German and has distinct grammar and vocabulary.