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The Dark Ages. This is a period when we have very few records of.

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Q: What is the period in ancient Greece when Greece slid into a period of warfare and disorder?
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Identify two major cultural areas that contributed to the Hellenistic civilization?

Hellenistic civilization refers to the period between 323 and 31 BCE. The main cultures throughout this period were ancient Greece and Rome.

What was the Great Purge characterized by?

a disorder many people go through during the adolescent period. this is also very bad. and characterized bu the Bad andmacaroni made them go through it

Who were the first people in ancient Greece to speak Greek?

Depends on the period of Greek civilization. The earliest Greeks on record were the Achaeans and Danaans. Pylos, Athens, certain Boeotian states were all major Mycenaean states that flourished prior to the Dorian invasion. The Dorians (Sparta and Corinth [Peloponnesian states]) were another nationality. Or a short version Japheth's son Javan

What were the social classes in ancient Macedonia?

Yes there was a social class system in Ancient Greece but it was not a rigid class system. Every society has a class system. Today society is measured by wealth (and sometimes fame). The President is not in a different class system than Bill Gates, but they are both in a different class system than us. Greece being a warrior society ment that women also had many powers. In Sparta, for example, young boys were sent to training at the age of 7 and only returned at age 30. They received very high honors for diying in battle, and this same honor was given to women who died in child birth. (This says alot about their class system). Specifically, there were the coulcil of elders which concisted of men above the age of 60. Yes, there is. I am a student in middle school and we just finished studying ancient Greece. (Going down) King, soldiers, artisans, shopkeepers, etc., slaves. There you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good day suck it

Why was the Warring States period so important for the development of Confucianism?

The Warring States period was a period of disunity and social disorder in China, due to rivalries between different princes. It was important to the developement of Confucianism because it was what inspried Confucious to search for a way to restore the deteriorating social order in China, which was what resulted in the developement of Confucianism. Confucius believed that the cause of the deteriorating social order was the fact that people no longer had proper, respectful relations with other people. His solution was Confucianism, which reinforced the importance of proper relations. Basically, the Warring States period was what lead to the developement of Confucianism.