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The assassination of the Austria-Hungarian Archduke Francis Ferdinand.

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Q: What is the spark that caused world war 1?
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What was he spark that caused World War 1?

The assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand.

What was the cause that had built up before World War 1 had begun?

It was because the archduke franz was assinated. Which caused the SPARK!

What had the greatest effect on world war 1?

It is believed that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is "the spark" that caused the start of WWI

What caused the world war to happen?

World War 1 was caused by two terrorists. World War 2 was caused by some Fanatics.

Did ww1start with Adolf Hitler?

No, world war 1 was not caused by Hitler. he was just a soldier fighting in world war 1 but Hitler DEFENITLY caused world war 2.

What caused consumer pricess to rise after world war 1?

Mobilization decisions was what caused consumer prices to rise after world war 1.

What war caused Britain to increase taxes during World War I?

World War 1

What caused the shortage of workers during World War I?

because of world war 1

What was the spark that cause World War I to ignite?

Murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria set-off chain reaction of national treaties guaranteeing alliances/protections and they honored those agreements until they were all at war with each other.The spark that caused the first world war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip

What was the spark that led Europe into World War 1?

The Spark that started WWII was the arch duke Ferdinand's Assaination

What happened after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand?

It was the spark that began World War 1.

Who was shot to spark of World War 1?

Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand.