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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were all founded in southwest Asia, more specifically the Middle East.

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Islam, Judaism
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Q: What religions were founded in Europe and Southwest Asia?
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Which religions were founded in the Europe and southwest Asia?

Christianity and Judaism

Which religions were found in Europe. and southwest Asia?

Christianity and Judaism

Was Taoism founded in Europe and Southwest Asia?

No. Taoism was founded in China, which is in neither Europe nor Southwest Asia. Additionally, Taoism never became popular in either region.

What religion was founded in the Europe and Southwest Asia?

Christianity was developed through numerous councils that took place in both Europe and Southwest Asia after Jesus' crucifixion in Jerusalem (Southwest Asia).

3 major religions of southwest Asia?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were all founded in southwest Asia, more specifically the Middle East.

What three religions have their roots in southwest asia?

The answer you are likely looking for is: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but this is incomplete. There are more than just three monotheistic religions in the Middle East. Other Middle Eastern monotheistic faiths include: Baha'i, Druze, Yarsan/Ahl-e-Haqq, and several other religions with a few thousand followers. Additionally, all of these titles are broad headers with many intrareligious distinctions. For example, Coptic Christians have their own Pope, while Maronite Christians are in communion with the Holy See.Islamic Perspective on MonotheismsChristianity used to be monotheistic, but not any longer for they now believe in 'three' rather than OneBut from an Islamic point of view, Judaism is no longer monotheistic either, for they have a lot of anthropomorphism in their scriptures and they associate partners with Allah by rejecting the laws brought by His Last messenger Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace), which associates their own customs with His prerogative to be worshiped as He directs.All the Christians don't believe in Trinity. Many Christians still believe in One Almighty God.

What do the religions of southwest Asia have in common?

Nothing. If by "the religions of Southwest Asia" you are referring exclusively to the three monotheisms (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), then the unifying trait is monotheism. However, there are numerous religions from Southwest Asia such as Zoroastrianism and Mandaeism whose adherents are henotheists or polytheists.

What is the oldest of the three religions in southwest Asia?