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Lateen sail

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Cross bow

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Q: What technological development enabled European navigators to determine their location during the age of exploration?
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Which technological advancement was the most important for European exploration?

The development of navigational tools like the astrolabe and compass were crucial for European exploration, enabling sailors to determine their position at sea. Additionally, advancements in shipbuilding techniques, like the development of the caravel, facilitated longer journeys.

What social factors influence technological development?

Social factors that influence technological development include cultural values, economic systems, government policies, education levels, and societal needs or demands. These factors shape the priorities, resources, and motivations for innovation and often determine the direction and focus of technological advancements. Additionally, the level of collaboration and competition among individuals, companies, and countries can also impact the pace and extent of technological development.

What are factors that determine the development of nation?

Factors that determine the development of a nation include its political stability, level of economic growth, access to education and healthcare, infrastructure development, natural resources, technological innovation, and social equality. These factors can influence a nation's overall prosperity, standard of living, and quality of life for its citizens.

One of the earlist mechanical devices was the?

astrolabe, used by ancient astronomers and navigators to determine the position of celestial bodies and navigate the seas.

What instruments are used to determine the altitude of the north star?

Instruments such as a sextant or a quadrant can be used to determine the altitude of the North Star. By measuring the angle between the North Star and the horizon, navigators can determine their latitude.

Why do navigators use the magnetic compass?

Navigators use the magnetic compass as it points towards the Earth's magnetic North Pole, providing a reliable reference direction for navigation even when other systems may fail or be unavailable. This allows them to determine their heading and maintain a consistent course.

How does sextant help navigators?

A sextant helps navigators determine their position by measuring the angle between a celestial object, such as the sun or a star, and the horizon. By comparing this angle with known values, sailors can calculate their latitude and longitude accurately. This tool is essential for celestial navigation when GPS or other electronic systems are not available.

What type of force did sailors use to help navigate the waters?

Navigators can use a magnetic compass to determine which way is North even when they can't see the North Star.

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more ethnics means more development

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Mine exploration samples are samples of rock taken when prospeting a mine. They are used to determine how much of certain minerals of interest are present in the area.

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