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Q: What was established after World War 1?
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Who established the political order at the end of World War I?

The political order established at the end of World War 1 was exploited by the

Who established mandate after World War 1?

the League of Nations did

Which change in national status occurred due to World War 1?

Poland was established Czechoslovakia was established

How did UK change after world war 1?

the league of nations was established.

Why is World War 1 important?

It established the concept of multinational coalitions fighting a war. Its armistice also established the conditions that eventually led to WWII.

How was the Nazi party established?

the nazi party was established during the reign of Adolf Hitler in Germany after world war 1

When was Fort Lewis first established?

Fort Lewis was first established in July of 1917. It was established as a military training fort during World War 1, were many troops were trained for war.

Was the State of Israel established after World War 1 or World War 2?

The ancient state of Israel was established long before any historic eventthat involved the USA. The modern State of Israel was established afterWorld War I and also after World War II.

What event established a powerful German empire in world war 1?

well to my calulations it was the king

The concept of war crimes in international law?

became established at the end of World War II

What World War 2 the Soviet Union established?

The Soviet Union was established long before World War 2 began.

Why was veteran's day established?

Verterans day was established to honor soldiers who fought in World War 1.