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Russia gained control of Eastern Europe. -Blissful

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Q: What was not a direct consequence of world war 1?
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One consequence of increased U.S. tariffs after world war 1 was?

life and expression

Was World War 2 a direct cause of World War 1?

What the hell are you smoking?!?!?!?!

What was direct cause world war 1?


Cost of World War 1?

The total direct and indirect cost of World War I was 337 billion dollars. It proved to be the costliest war to date at the time.

What was a direct result of World War 1?

Germany lost its colonies in Africa and Asia

What did the Cook Islands do in World War 1?

There is no record of the Cook Islands' or New Zealand's direct involvement in World War 1. During the period of the war, however, the Cook Islands was a British protectorate.

What was a consequence of Russia withdrawing from World War 1?

Answer this question… Russia lost control over many Russian territories in eastern Europe.

Why was World War 1 known as?

"The war to end all wars", isn't that funny as it was the direct and primary cause of WW2?

What country lost direct access to the Mediterranean Sea after World War 1?


In which war did America experience a direct military attack upon its own territory a world war 1 b world war 2 c Vietnam war dall of the above?


What was one of the causes for World War I?

The most direct cause of World War 1 was that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were assassinated by a Serbian nationalist.

A direct consequence of World War I?

*World war 1 is what inspired Adolf Hitler to begin WW2. So World War 2.* AHEM.... Im pretty sure this user wanted to know the really real answer for the WHAP quiz. not the obvious answer you gave (which we all know already that Hitler did that.) the answer is E.) women's participation in the labor force increased greatly. (Common sense because if they men are in the war, who is going to stay at home and make the cloths,planes,tanks,etc?)