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ww2 .

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Q: What were the effects of the cold war on worldwide and in Europe?
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Which decade were there more cold war conflicts in Europe?

The fifties had more conflicts regarding the Cold War in Europe.

Where did the cold war start?


How did the cold war affect England?

Whatever the rest of Europe felt, they felt it too. Britain, cold war wise, was part of Europe.

What were the short term effects of the cold war?

The term effects of the Cold War is the Americans and Russians are scared to launch their nuclear missiles at each other.

What ties did the US have with Europe?

the cold war

What were the political effects of the Cold War?

it has nothing impact...

What events led to the division of Europe?

The Cold War.

How the cold war began in Europe?

Iron Curtain

What effects did the events in Russia in 1917 have on the war in Europe?


What effects did the crusades have on the middle east and Europe?

the effect was war

What were the side effects of the cold war?

Military spending was drastically cut as a side effect of the cold War. World affairs are still influenced today from the Cold War.

Was there any war going on in Europe in 1950-1959?

Yes, the Cold War.